Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big Lie

Life is a heavy lie; no wonder it is so short. Falls like a rock, once it reaches its highest point.
When down, the strongest pick it up. For again to be thrown into the never ending sky. Only to fall again, until so strong comes a man that throws it farther than man can go.
That's when Life loses its role and Death robs the scene. But, ah, how many spectators wish not to see death in play? Little they know about Death's wonderful acting!
Fear not, for if Life is brief fear only makes it briefer. Accept, the character of Death. And live to see the end of time and history.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Loyal Storm Rider

Unhappy is the loyal
if he happens to discover
what unloyalty is
Unreasonable reason
Incapacity to accept
Nature, destiny, power
A roof, dry floor and brick wall
All provided to an for the one
who always surrenders
and still loves
in the midst of the storm

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Artificial Nature

Crows and dragonfly's
Acid rain and pink flowers
Concrete houses and mountains
From the wooden veranda
the greatest art is observed
by the minor artists
whose intention is to be
as the great creator
which only flows
in a river of emotions and feelings
With no intention
but that of expression;
of self discovery
and self reflection

Grandpa Hitler

I have done everything. I killed people; had sex with animals; smoked everything that burns. And I did all of this for nothing. For pure pleasure. I did everything for nothing because nothing is the only thing that lasts. Everything, but nothing, goes away. Why would I do something for something else if eventually both of the would be gone? Nothing is what matters, nothing is what stays. And it is to nothing that I pray. When I was a kid I was like every kid, doing stupid things for stupid reasons and that is why I give you alcohol without the acknowledgment of your mother. Your mother gives you too many reasons. She only gives me work to clean out all the garbage she feeds you. But ah, it doesn't really matter, does it? Because I know how you like that garbage and how you go after it even when your mother is not around. Thank God you don't live with me or you would die of cirrhosis, you pest!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ser ou nao ser? Eis, ...que ser!

Nao esqueca de esquecer
So assim pra acontecer
Do jeito que era
Uma doce surpresa
Voce encantado

E nao
Ao encantamento
Contra as forcas da Terra
Contra as forcas do vento
Deixa-se levar, siga o movimento

Deixa-se encantar
Nao vira magica
Sem esquecimento

Aonde estou
Quem sou eu
Porque aqui

Caqui, tche?

Shiny Green Bug

I feel so blessed
I look around
Big icy mountains
Opaque grayness
Of city crumbles

Devoid of meaning
I look down
To my bare feet
Touching the bare ground

What I see
Is a little shiny green bug
Resting on one of my toes
And after three seconds of looking

Off it goes
To the big world of green
Where forever will live
The enemies and ghouls

Black Dog

Black Dog
Black Dog
Loud you bark
Fast you run
Eat your rice
Drink your water
Don't forget
To keep me safe
I will give you cookies
I will let you go to the bathroom
Just don't forget
To keep me safe